Flowers for Turing 2015, the very exciting accounting post

So… it’s time to publish the accounting details of the Flowers for Turing Project…

I’m doing this for several reasons – the first being that I said I would, that’s a pretty good reason, but also because I believe in openness and transparency, and believe both should be a habit rather than an exception.

If you look at the roll of honour, you’ll see there are 32 entries.  One of these (Bath) donated a total of £254.97 and everybody else donated £16.50 (I hope to tell Bath’s story in a future post).



(These numbers didn’t add up until someone emailed to ask why they hadn’t been put on the roll of honour – I’m quite glad they did)

This works out to a total donation of £766.47.  Unhelpfully, PayPal’s fees structure is slightly difficult, and strangely, people paid different levels of fees (even when they were from the same country).  The total amount of PayPal took in fees was £24.62.  The cost of the flowers was £68 pounds (I’ll put up the receipts when I find them)  leaving a total of £623.09 to go to special effect, which has been duly transferred.  The thank you email from Special Effect is this one: THANK YOU JOE REDDINGTON FLOWERS FOR TURING – JULY 15 (somehow 1p has gone missing in my accounts I’ll chase that one up)



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