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That’s right! We’re doing it again.  On 23rd June 2016, we’re going to lay flowers at Alan Turing’s Statue (and obviously, clean them up again after), exactly 104 years after he was born.

If you’d like to be involved we welcome you.  £3.50 covers the cost of the flowers and that comes with a £13 charity contribution to the very wonderful charity Special Effect for a total of £16.50.

With Flowers

There are two ways you can donate, either directly with PayPal:

(you’ll get an email asking if there is a particular message you’d like to put out) or by emailing me at

joe@whitewaterwriters.com and we can sort that out there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Without Flowers

PS – some people have requested the ability to donate the £13 without flowers. The button below makes that happen.

If there are any other issues, please let us know and we’ll do what we can.